Three Men Arrested and Charged in Machine Gun Distribution Ring on Snapchat

Three Men Arrested and Charged in Machine Gun Distribution Ring on Snapchat

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Three men from the Twin Cities have been arrested and charged in U.S. District Court for their involvement in a machine gun distribution ring that used Snapchat as a platform for their illegal activities. Rafael Carter Welsey, Kyrees Darious Johnson, and Avont Akira Drayton, aged 19, 23, and 22 respectively, have all been charged with unlawful possession of machine guns.

According to court documents, undercover law enforcement officers managed to infiltrate the Snapchat group involved in the operation. They collected screenshots and videos showing members of the group selling, promoting, and operating machine gun conversion devices. These devices enable the conversion of a regular firearm into a fully automatic machine gun.

Law enforcement officials revealed that the Snapchat group was not limited to the distribution of machine guns alone. The group was also implicated in the trafficking of other firearms and controlled substances in the Twin Cities and its surrounding areas.

Over a period spanning from March to June, undercover officers conducted at least six controlled purchases from multiple members of the Snapchat group. These transactions provided further evidence of the illegal activities taking place within the group.

The three individuals charged in this case are expected to make their court appearances this week. Additional details regarding the ongoing investigation have not been released.

– U.S. District Court
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