Lawmaker Majorie Taylor Greene Shares Staged Anti-LGBTQ+ Content

Lawmaker Majorie Taylor Greene Shares Staged Anti-LGBTQ+ Content

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A “comedy” content creator named Jibrizy has been using fake videos to spread disinformation and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment on social media platforms. One of his videos, titled “Mother tears down Pride flag,” depicts a staged incident where a mother confronts a teacher about LGBTQ+ representation in schools. The video is intended to provoke anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments.

Jibrizy’s video went viral, with many viewers believing it to be a real incident. Comments on Facebook expressed support for the mother’s actions and criticized teachers for “indoctrinating” children. Republican congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene reposted a cut version of the video on X (formerly Twitter) and expressed her support for the mother in the video. She later realized that it was staged but still claimed it represented how many people feel about LGBTQ+ education.

Jibrizy has faced criticism for his tactics, with some calling it a “stupid tactic” and accusing him of spreading disinformation. Trans journalist Erin Reed accused him of “interaction farming” and spreading anti-LGBTQ+ content. Another one of Jibrizy’s videos, titled “Trans daughter comes out to parents,” attempts to demean trans people and pronouns.

This incident highlights the dangers of fake videos and disinformation on social media platforms, as they can spread harmful narratives and fuel hatred towards marginalized communities like the LGBTQ+ community. It is important for users to be vigilant and fact-check content before sharing or reacting to it.

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