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Discovering Community and Connection: The Impact of “The Dads” Documentary

A new documentary on Netflix, “The Dads,” is capturing the attention of parents across America. While politicians continue to debate and eradicate trans kids’ rights, this film sheds light on the struggles, resilience, and unwavering love of fathers with trans children. However, rather than focusing on advocacy or politics, the documentary takes viewers on an emotional journey, showcasing a group of fathers who, despite their unique backgrounds and circumstances, find solace and support in one another.

The documentary follows six dads, including Dennis Shepard, a dedicated LGBTQ+ advocate since the tragic loss of his gay son Matthew in a hate crime 25 years ago. These fathers, joined their shared experiences, embark on a fishing trip in rural Oklahoma. Despite their initial reservations and differences, their instant connection and hunger for conversation create a bond akin to brotherhood.

The fathers featured in “The Dads” had different paths to accepting their trans children. They experienced setbacks and faced professionals who failed to provide adequate support. In some cases, pediatric psychiatrists and therapists even placed blame on the fathers themselves. The turning point for many of these dads came through meeting others who understood their struggles. This newfound community brought them clarity, strength, and the realization that their children deserved love and acceptance for who they truly are.

Wayne Maines, whose transgender daughter Nicole gained recognition as the first trans superhero on TV in The CW’s Supergirl, shares his transformative journey in the documentary. Despite initially struggling emotionally, Wayne’s encounters with other parents navigating similar situations changed his perspective. He reminds those who oppose trans rights to ask themselves, “What are you afraid of?” In having open, honest conversations, the realization that trans kids are simply trying to live normal lives alongside their peers can often be reached.

The overarching desire of these fathers is for their children to live normal lives, to experience the joys of camping and fishing without fear or discrimination. By highlighting the experiences of fathers, director Luchina Fisher, herself a mother of a trans child, emphasizes the importance of recognizing and supporting dads who advocate for their trans kids. Community and connection, she believes, are crucial in navigating the challenges that arise.

“The Dads” is a testament to the strength, love, and resilience displayed fathers of trans children. Through their stories, viewers gain a unique perspective and a deeper understanding of the importance of acceptance, community, and the fight for trans rights.


Where can I watch “The Dads” documentary?

“The Dads” is currently streaming on Netflix. You can find it searching for the title on the Netflix platform.

Why is “The Dads” documentary significant?

This documentary sheds light on the struggles, triumphs, and unwavering love of fathers with trans children. It emphasizes the need for acceptance, support, and community for both parents and their trans kids.

How can I support dads advocating for their trans children?

Support can be shown educating yourself on trans rights and issues, engaging in open and respectful conversations, and amplifying the voices of dads who are advocating for their trans kids. Additionally, organizations like Mama Bears provide resources and support for parents.

What is the director’s message in “The Dads” documentary?

The director, Luchina Fisher, aims to highlight the importance of fathers in advocating for their trans kids. She stresses the significance of building community and finding support from other men who have similar experiences.

Why is acceptance important for trans children?

Acceptance is crucial for the well-being and mental health of trans children. It allows them to live authentically and thrive in society without fear or discrimination.