Meet Andrew Hicks: The American YouTuber Who Is a Bihari at Heart

Meet Andrew Hicks: The American YouTuber Who Is a Bihari at Heart

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In today’s digital age, creating unique and captivating content is a constant battle to stand out. However, Andrew Hicks, an American YouTuber, has managed to capture the attention of social media audiences with his fluency in Indian languages, particularly Hindi and Bhojpuri. Hicks, also known as Indiadrew77 on YouTube, shares his travel experiences and culinary adventures in both India and the United States, earning him a special place among desi social media users.

Recently, Hicks took to his official Instagram account to express his frustration with people who claim that he is not a true Bihari. With his distinctive accent and love for Bihar, he vehemently disagrees. During an interview with Brut India, Hicks emphasized, “Mera passport American hain, par main dil se Bihari hoon” (My passport is American, but I’m a Bihari heart).

Hicks’ connection to Bihar goes back to his childhood. At the age of five, his father brought him to Varanasi for business, and two years later, the family moved to Bihar. It was there that he learned the local language, organically picking it up from rickshaw pullers, hawkers, and his friends. Hicks also mastered the art of bargaining, a quintessentially Indian skill.

His love for Indian food, particularly samosas, is evident. Hicks fondly remembers buying samosas from street vendors for just Rs 2. However, he finds it perplexing that Indian restaurants in America charge Rs 500 for a samosa that doesn’t taste as good. In a previous video, he expressed his amazement at the exorbitant prices of Indian cuisine in the United States.

To further emphasize his Indianness, Hicks collaborates with vloggers from other countries who are also proficient in Indian languages. One notable collaborator is Yachen Lee, a YouTuber known for his Bihari Hindi accent. Hicks is even teaching his wife Hindi, documenting their journey on social media.

Andrew Hicks may have an American passport, but his heart and soul are undeniably Bihari. His love for the culture, language, and food of Bihar shines through his content, making him a beloved figure among social media users.