TikToker Faces Backlash for Nutella Prank on Parents

TikToker Faces Backlash for Nutella Prank on Parents

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A TikToker known as @kaihspeakup is receiving backlash for pulling a viral prank on his parents involving Nutella. In the now-deleted video, @kaihspeakup used plastic wrap to cover every inch of his parents’ kitchen in Nutella, with the caption, “I always wanted a Nutella house.” The video gained over 6.2 million likes and 90,000 comments on TikTok before being taken down.

After the controversy reached Instagram, many internet users expressed their anger and disappointment over the prank. Some criticized @kaihspeakup for his lack of consideration for his parents’ property, while others questioned the environmental impact of wasting so much Nutella, which contains palm oil known to contribute to deforestation and animal extinction in certain areas.

Comments on social media called out the prank as not funny and a waste of time and resources. Many suggested that @kaihspeakup should have used his platform for more productive and meaningful activities, such as volunteering or helping the homeless.

As a result of the backlash, @kaihspeakup’s entire TikTok account is now missing, leading some to speculate that he may have faced consequences from his parents.

Source: Freelance Writer Megan Schaltegger