Frank iTom: Tips for Becoming an Influential Instagram Creator

Frank iTom: Tips for Becoming an Influential Instagram Creator

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Frank iTom, a popular content creator known for his transition dance videos, has gained a substantial following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. With over 280k followers on Instagram and more than a million on TikTok, iTom has become a notable figure in the online space. In a recent Instagram live session with Technext, he shared some valuable insights on how to become an influential creator on Instagram.

iTom’s journey into content creation began long before the pandemic in 2020. He started as a graphic designer, then ventured into photography, internal communications, and branding. However, it was in 2020, during the lockdown, that he fully embraced the role of a content creator. Despite having been creating consistently, iTom admitted to experiencing burnout and feeling unmotivated to create at times. Nevertheless, his determination to inspire and create things beyond social media kept him going.

To overcome burnout, iTom emphasized the importance of focusing on the end goal. For him, the goal isn’t solely to be an Instagram content creator but to inspire and create beyond social media. He also highlighted the need for creators to listen to their minds and bodies, taking breaks when necessary, even amid competition and pressure to produce quality content.

Building a community is another essential aspect of becoming an influential creator. While iTom doesn’t consider his following as a community, he described his followers as “itomics.” This term refers to people who share his lighthearted approach to life and appreciate his humor. Collaboration has played a significant role in his success, as some of his most popular videos came from collaborations. For instance, his first video with Funke Akindele led to substantial follower growth on both Instagram and TikTok.

Monetizing content was not initially iTom’s primary concern. Instead, he focused on consistent creation and improving his craft. As he built a name for himself in his field, brands began to notice him, leading to opportunities for brand partnerships and monetization.

In conclusion, Frank iTom’s advice for becoming an influential creator on Instagram includes staying motivated, focusing on the end goal, building a community, leveraging collaborations, and putting consistent effort into content creation. With these tips in mind, aspiring creators can strive for success in the competitive world of social media.

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