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Revolutionizing Customer Service: The Rise of “Electricity Butlers”

ZIBO, China, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has sparked a transformation in customer service through its innovative “simultaneous construction of dual grids” initiative. By mobilizing over 1005 power grid staff members to join more than 5000 WeChat groups dedicated to residential grid service, the company has revolutionized the way customers interact with electricity providers.

Gone are the days of long wait times and frustrating customer service experiences. Now, State Grid Zibo’s “24-hour electricity butlers” serve as dedicated points of contact, providing round-the-clock “one-stop” services to address customers’ electricity usage needs. Whether it’s consultation, repair, or troubleshooting, these diligent butlers ensure that electricity problems within residential areas are swiftly resolved, improving service quality and efficiency.

This service is exemplified the experience of Li Bingfeng, a resident of Beigushan Village. Li recently had photovoltaic panels installed on his roof to generate clean electricity. With the assistance of an “electricity butler” from the “Rainbow Power Group,” Li experienced a seamless process, from the initial application to the connection of the photovoltaic equipment to the grid. The personalized door-to-door service provided the electricity butlers made the entire journey convenient and hassle-free.

But the impact of electricity butlers extends beyond residential areas. In Tonglin Village’s Smart Planting Base of Mushroom, the Linzi Branch of State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company employs “electricity butlers” to ensure the smooth operation of electrical equipment. When a temperature control system malfunctioned, Jiao Tong and Dai Yudong swiftly intervened after receiving an alert via the residential grid service WeChat group. Thanks to their prompt action, the mushroom planting base continued its intelligent cultivation without disruption.

To further enhance their customer service capabilities, State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has also launched the WeChat mini-program “Digital Electricity Butlers.” This innovative tool captures and analyzes customer messages in rural residential grid WeChat groups, forwarding relevant information to the command center for immediate action. By leveraging big data and intelligent technology, the electricity butlers ensure efficient problem-solving and enhance the overall customer experience.

State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company’s “simultaneous construction of dual grids” initiative and the introduction of electricity butlers have ushered in a new era of customer service in the power supply industry. With their dedication and expertise, these butlers are transforming the way electricity is delivered and creating a seamless experience for customers across Zibo.

What is the role of the “electricity butlers”?
The “electricity butlers” are power grid staff members who provide 24-hour “one-stop” services to address customer demands for electricity usage. They offer consultation, repair, and troubleshooting services to ensure electricity problems within residential areas are swiftly resolved.

How does the WeChat mini-program “Digital Electricity Butlers” work?
The mini-program captures customer messages in rural residential grid WeChat groups, using big data analysis to identify relevant information. It then forwards this information to the command center, where staff members evaluate the messages and arrange for nearby linesmen to address any electricity problems.

Source: State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company.