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The Power of “Electricity Butlers”: A New Approach to Residential Grid Service

ZIBO, China, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking initiative, State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has revolutionized residential grid service with the introduction of “electricity butlers”. These dedicated professionals have joined forces through WeChat groups to provide 24-hour support, effectively resolving electricity problems and enhancing service quality and efficiency.

The concept of “electricity butlers” envisions a personalized and proactive approach to addressing customer demands for electricity usage. With over 1005 power grid staff members actively participating in more than 5000 WeChat groups, residential grid service has never been more accessible. These professionals act as trusted consultants and repair experts, ensuring that customers receive timely assistance and guidance.

Rather than relying on a traditional service model, State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has embraced a customer-centric approach. The “electricity butlers” function as “24-hour electricity butlers,” available round-the-clock to address any electricity-related concerns. This commitment to providing a seamless customer experience has led to improved service quality and enhanced efficiency within the residential grid.

Through the WeChat groups, customers can connect directly with the “electricity butlers,” receiving door-to-door service throughout the entire process. Whether it’s assistance with photovoltaic panel installation or the prompt resolution of electrical issues, customers can rely on the expertise and support of these dedicated professionals.

This innovative approach has yielded remarkable results. For instance, Li Bingfeng, a resident of Beigushan Village, was impressed the convenience of having photovoltaic panels installed. With the assistance of the “electricity butlers,” the installation process was streamlined, and clean electricity was generated within a mere seven days.

Another example of the impact of this initiative can be seen at the Smart Planting Base of Mushroom in Tonglin Village. Here, “electricity butlers” played a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of the base’s electrical equipment. By proactively addressing safety hazards and promptly resolving technical issues, these professionals have contributed to the base’s success and the generation of substantial benefits for the village.

To further augment their services, State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has launched a WeChat mini-program called Digital Electricity Butlers. This innovative tool captures customer messages using advanced big data analysis and selection technology. The information is then forwarded to the command center of power supply service, where on-duty staff evaluate the messages and dispatch nearby linesmen to swiftly address any electricity-related problems.

With the introduction of “electricity butlers,” State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has set a new standard for residential grid service. The personalized support, round-the-clock availability, and proactive approach have transformed the customer experience. As this initiative continues to expand, more communities can expect enhanced service quality and improved efficiency in resolving electricity issues.


Q: Who are the “electricity butlers”?
A: The “electricity butlers” are dedicated professionals from State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company who provide 24-hour support and assistance for residential grid service.

Q: How do customers connect with the “electricity butlers”?
A: Customers can connect with the “electricity butlers” through WeChat groups specifically created for residential grid service.

Q: What services do the “electricity butlers” provide?
A: The “electricity butlers” offer a range of services, including consultation, repair, and assistance with photovoltaic panel installation.

Q: What is the Digital Electricity Butlers mini-program?
A: The Digital Electricity Butlers mini-program is a WeChat tool that captures customer messages related to electricity usage. The program then forwards relevant information to the power supply service command center for prompt resolution.