New Article: 10 Unconventional Playgrounds That Encourage Socialization

New Article: 10 Unconventional Playgrounds That Encourage Socialization

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Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood, providing children with spaces to explore, discover, and socialize. According to recent trends on Pinterest, searches for playgrounds have been steadily increasing over the past year. In this article, we highlight 10 unique playgrounds from around the world that encourage socialization and creativity.

One remarkable playground is The Playscape in China, designed We Architech Anonymous (WAA). This innovative space, repurposed from former grain warehouses, features crawlspaces, climbing areas, as well as a suspended tensile net and classrooms. It also includes a library and restaurant, serving as a sensory learning tool for children.

Rocks on Wheels in Australia, designed Mike Hewson, is a public playground that offers a unique play experience. Boulders from a Victorian quarry were placed on furniture dollies, creating a climbing and exploration space for children.

Breakwater in the USA, designed Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster, is a concrete sky-blue playground made of repurposed wavebreakers. The blocks are placed on a rubber surface to prevent falls, and coated with a non-slip waterproof coating. This playground is both visually striking and safe for children to play on.

Red Dunes Playtopia in China, designed XISUI Design, draws inspiration from natural forms such as mountains and caves. Built on top of an underground parking unit, this playground features a load-bearing concrete shell and offers climbing and discovery opportunities through hills and arches.

Doha Modern Playground in Qatar, created Shezad Dawood, is a miniature representation of four Qatari buildings. Collaborating with architectural historian Fatma Al Sahlawi, Dawood created benches and play objects based on the national theater, a hotel, post office, and university buildings.

The Folds in China, designed Atelier Scale, is a small community playground that encourages exploration. With minimal equipment, this playground features a waved-shaped seating area, providing a decorative foundation.

Conversations in France, designed Olivier Vadrot, is an open-air playground with geometric structures. The aim of this project is to inspire socialization between children, creating a space for sharing thoughts, telling stories, and playing.

Day One at Tom Lee Park in the USA, designed Studio Gang and SCAPE, is a public park in Memphis that includes a river-themed playground, a basketball court, and acres of landscaped space. The park also features permanent installations artist Theaster Gates and David Allan Clark.

Animal Factory in the Netherlands, designed Luca Boscardin, incorporates life-sized steel sculptures of wild animals. These sculptures, shaped like a giraffe, crocodile, gorilla, and wolf, not only serve as climbing frames for children but also provide a space for adults to exercise or store their bicycles.

Nickerson Gardens Playground in the USA, designed NBBJ and Flea, is a restored playground in Los Angeles. Through a collaboration between the architecture studio NBBJ and musician Flea, this playground now features slides, swings, and a carousel, providing an improved play experience for children in the public housing complex.

These 10 unconventional playgrounds showcase the creativity and unique design approaches used to create engaging spaces for children. They encourage socialization, exploration, and discovery, making playtime an exciting and memorable experience.

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