Teen Arrested for Making Gun Threats on Snapchat Near Edina Schools

Teen Arrested for Making Gun Threats on Snapchat Near Edina Schools

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A teenager from the Twin Cities has been arrested after allegedly making gun threats on Snapchat near schools in Edina. According to police, the threats were posted on the teenager’s social media account, which made it easy for law enforcement to track him down.

Authorities took immediate action upon discovering the troubling threats. They located the teenager based on the information provided on his social media profile and promptly arrested him. The local police worked closely with school officials to ensure the safety of students and staff.

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with social media. While platforms like Snapchat offer a convenient way to communicate and share content, they can also be misused to spread threats and create panic. It is crucial for users to act responsibly and refrain from engaging in harmful behavior online.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have been vigilant in monitoring social media platforms for any signs of potential threats. Schools and parents must also play an active role in educating teenagers about the consequences of making such threats.

This incident highlights the importance of reporting any concerning posts or messages encountered on social media. If any individual comes across a post that raises alarms or contains explicit threats, it is advisable to immediately inform the relevant authorities.

Ensuring the safety of our schools and communities requires a collective effort from all stakeholders. By promoting responsible use of social media and encouraging open communication, we can contribute to a safer online environment for everyone.


1. Snapchat: A social media platform that allows users to send photos and videos, which disappear shortly after being viewed.

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