A 17-Year-Old Charged for Posting Gun Video and Threat Outside Edina High School

A 17-Year-Old Charged for Posting Gun Video and Threat Outside Edina High School

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A 17-year-old teenager, Abdirashad Warsame, has been charged with two felony counts for allegedly posting a video online where he displayed a gun outside Edina High School and made a threat. The charges filed against him include gun possession and threats of violence.

According to the petition filed in Hennepin County Juvenile Court on Monday, Warsame was arrested on Friday following the incident. The video in question was said to have been posted on Thursday night, showing Warsame outside the main entrance of the school with a handgun equipped with an extended magazine. The caption of the video included a threatening message, stating “come outside [expletive].”

As a result of the video and the associated threat, both the high school and middle school had to switch to virtual instruction on Friday to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

The statement of probable cause reveals that the FBI’s national threat operation and analysis crisis team received information from Snapchat regarding a potential school shooting threat specifically targeting Edina High School.

Posting videos with threatening content and displaying firearms in a school setting are serious offenses that can lead to severe consequences. These actions can cause fear among students, disrupt the normal functioning of a school, and potentially put lives at risk.

It is important for law enforcement agencies and schools to take every threat seriously and respond swiftly to ensure the safety of everyone involved. By holding individuals accountable for such actions, it sends a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

– Hennepin County Juvenile Court petition, filed on Monday
– Statement of probable cause

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