Bangladesh Cricketer Tanzin Hasan Sakib Receives Warning Over Misogynist Facebook Post

Bangladesh Cricketer Tanzin Hasan Sakib Receives Warning Over Misogynist Facebook Post

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Bangladesh cricketer Tanzin Hasan Sakib has been issued an official warning the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) regarding a misogynist Facebook post that he made after his ODI debut against India in the Asia Cup. The post garnered significant attention on social media.

Sakib has apologized to the BCB cricket operations committee and has been advised to refrain from making such posts in the future. Following his exceptional performance, at least four of his Facebook posts that oppose women’s right to equality and work resurfaced on social media.

In one of these posts from September 2022, he wrote in Bangla, “A working woman will not allow her husband or children to have their way with her; she loses her charm, destroys her family, her purdah, and the society.” He also shared a picture of a woman wearing a burqa and riding in a rickshaw, claiming it to be from the “golden past” in 1954.

After facing extensive criticism on social media, the BCB’s cricket operation chairman, Jalal Yunus, stated that the board will monitor Sakib and offer psychological support if needed. During a press conference, Yunus clarified that Sakib stated he did not write those posts to intentionally hurt anyone but for personal reasons.

The BCB has warned Sakib that any future posts will be closely monitored. Yunus emphasized that they are keeping an eye on Sakib’s mindset and that his family is also concerned about the situation. The BCB has emphasized that they expect him to understand the gravity of his actions, particularly with the upcoming World Cup in mind. They will take further action if necessary and provide support if there are any underlying psychological issues.


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