The Conservative Candidate for London Mayor Fails to Address Social Media Controversy

The Conservative Candidate for London Mayor Fails to Address Social Media Controversy

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The Conservative candidate for Mayor of London, Susan Hall, has faced scrutiny over her social media activity in a recent television interview. When asked about her use of social media to attack Sadiq Khan and endorse derogatory descriptions of him, Hall failed to provide a clear response or apologize for her actions.

During an appearance on right-wing television channel GB News, Hall was questioned about her retweets and endorsements. However, she deflected the question and instead focused on her door-to-door campaigning, claiming that no one had expressed concerns about her tweets to her personally.

Hall then shifted the conversation to other issues concerning Londoners, such as the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, cost of living, and policing. She downplayed the impact of her Twitter activity, stating that it doesn’t affect people’s lives.

While Hall avoided directly addressing her controversial social media posts during the interview, excerpts from her past activity have been revealed Hope Not Hate, an organization that fights against far-right extremism. The tweets include messages of support for far-right media personality Katie Hopkins and the endorsement of false claims about Sadiq Khan.

Hope Not Hate has called for Hall’s suspension and a full investigation into her conduct and candidacy. Despite these calls, Conservative Party chairman Greg Hands has expressed support for Hall posting a photograph of her campaigning with Tory activists.

It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact Hall’s candidacy for Mayor of London.

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