Ed Curran’s “Superstar” Moment in the Chicago Tribune

CBS 2’s meteorologist, Ed Curran, recently had a standout moment of recognition when his picture appeared in the renowned Chicago Tribune newspaper. The entire CBS Chicago team, led reporter Brad Edwards, expressed their pride in Ed’s achievement.

The Chicago Tribune, established in 1847, is one of the oldest and most prestigious newspapers in the United States. Recognized for its quality journalism and distinctive reporting, the Chicago Tribune has a wide readership and is an important source of news for the people of Chicago and beyond.

Ed Curran, described as a “superstar” Brad Edwards, is a well-respected meteorologist at CBS 2. He is known for his expertise in delivering accurate weather forecasts and for his engaging on-air presence. Ed’s dedication and commitment to his craft have earned him a loyal following of viewers who rely on him for up-to-date weather information.

Having his picture featured in the Chicago Tribune is a significant achievement for Ed Curran. It serves as a testament to his professionalism and the recognition he has garnered within the industry. This recognition also highlights the high regard in which the Chicago Tribune holds Ed and the CBS Chicago team.

The entire CBS Chicago team shares in Ed’s moment of triumph. They recognize the importance of this recognition for him and the positive impact it has on the reputation of CBS 2 as a trusted source of news in the Chicago area.

In conclusion, Ed Curran’s appearance in the Chicago Tribune is a proud moment for him and the entire CBS Chicago team. It showcases his talent and expertise as a meteorologist and solidifies the reputation of CBS 2 as a reliable source of news. Congratulations to Ed for this well-deserved recognition!

– CBS Chicago
– Chicago Tribune