The Rugby World Cup: Catch the Excitement on Peacock

The Rugby World Cup: Catch the Excitement on Peacock


The Rugby World Cup is an internationally renowned sporting event that captivates audiences around the globe. Just like its soccer counterpart, the FIFA World Cup, the rugby edition of this major tournament spans several weeks. Starting on September 8th, the competition will continue until the end of October. The 20 participating teams are divided into four groups of five, with each team playing four group-stage matches.

For viewers in the United States, the remaining games and all the knockout stage matches can be enjoyed on Peacock, a popular streaming service. While most American sports fans are familiar with using NBC’s paid streaming platform for watching the Premier League, Peacock is also the go-to destination for all Rugby World Cup games.

While the majority of games are streamed exclusively on Peacock, select matches are also broadcasted on CNBC. The channel provides live coverage for 15 games throughout the tournament, and these matches are also simulcast on Peacock. Additionally, four games have encore performances, including a group-stage fixture between Ireland and Scotland, as well as three knockout stage matches, culminating in the Final.

As the competition progresses towards the knockout stage, the excitement continues to build. Even if you’re not a die-hard rugby fan, tuning in to the elite teams battling it out in the quarterfinals and beyond can be a thrilling introduction to the sport. With Peacock, you can catch all the action as the tournament reaches its dramatic conclusion.

Here is the schedule for the remaining Rugby World Cup matches available on Peacock and CNBC:

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Witness the intensity and athleticism of rugby’s greatest teams as they vie for the ultimate prize. Don’t miss out on the heart-pounding matches and star-studded performances. Tune in to Peacock and experience the Rugby World Cup like never before.

– Rugby World Cup: An international rugby union tournament held every four years.
– Peacock: A streaming service owned NBCUniversal.
– Premier League: The top professional soccer league in England.
– CNBC: An American pay television business news channel.
– Knockout stage: The stage of a tournament where teams compete in single-elimination matches until a winner is determined.

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