StatSocial Enhances Silhouette Platform to Provide Comprehensive Social Audience Insights

StatSocial Enhances Silhouette Platform to Provide Comprehensive Social Audience Insights

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StatSocial has announced groundbreaking enhancements to its Silhouette™ platform, offering social audience insights that go beyond Twitter. The platform now includes new reporting capabilities, such as visual audience clusters, making it easier for businesses to gain rapid and comprehensive insights about their audience across multiple platforms. This reduces their dependency on any single platform and provides a holistic view of their audience.

In today’s rapidly changing social media landscape, marketers understand the significance of omni-channel insights. Silhouette stands out from competing platforms capturing insights across various platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch, and more. This allows marketers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their audience’s self-declared interests and affinities.

The newest reporting capabilities and streamlined interface of Silhouette, combined with StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph for cross-platform insights, offer marketers the following benefits:

1. Instantly accessible insights: Marketers can quickly gain a holistic view of their audience’s interests and affinities across major social platforms.
2. Dynamic persona clusters: Key personas within an audience can be identified and analyzed using over 300k deterministic signals and AI-derived names and descriptions.
3. User-friendly dashboards: Access easy-to-understand dashboards that fuel engagement strategies without the need for advanced analysis outside the platform.
4. Actionable audience data: Build and deploy social audiences for survey targeting, brand measurement, social listening panels, and paid campaigns.

Michael Hussey, Founder and Head of Product at StatSocial, emphasized the importance of gaining a comprehensive understanding of an audience beyond Twitter in today’s diverse social media landscape. These enhancements to Silhouette not only offer increased speed and accessibility to insights for StatSocial’s customer base, but they also open doors for mid-market brands and agencies seeking innovative ways to understand and engage with their buyers.

With comprehensive cross-platform data and a user-friendly interface, businesses can now strategize and engage with their audience more effectively, leading to better results and ROI.

Source: StatSocial, Inc.