Stroll on the Sidewalk Turns into Chaos as Pedestrians Targeted Soft-Pellet Gun

Stroll on the Sidewalk Turns into Chaos as Pedestrians Targeted Soft-Pellet Gun


In McPherson, Kansas, a peaceful walk on the sidewalk quickly turned into a chaotic and painful experience for a couple of pedestrians. Stella Gestl and her maid of honor, Tara Tresvant, were out for a walk when they became targets of individuals in a passing truck armed with a soft-pellet gun. The incident left them not only physically injured but also emotionally shaken.

As they were walking back home, Gestl and Tresvant suddenly felt a sharp pain on their legs and arms. They realized that they were being hit small soft pellets fired from a passenger in the truck. Shocked and scared, they saw the truck drive off only to be followed an individual wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, chasing them with the same airsoft gun.

Seeking refuge in a nearby convenience store, they were finally able to escape the pursuit. Local authorities have since responded to similar incidents and believe they have identified the individuals involved. The weapon used in the crime was an Orbeez soft-pellet gun, which fires small water beads. This disturbing trend appears to be connected to social media, with reports of similar incidents occurring across the country.

The victims, Gestl and Tresvant, were left traumatized the incident. They were concerned for the safety of others, especially children, who could potentially be targeted such violent acts. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported from the recent incidents in McPherson.

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the incidents, trying to determine if there is any connection between them. They urge the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. The aim is to put an end to this dangerous behavior and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

– McPherson Police Department
– KWCH News

– Soft-pellet gun: a type of airsoft gun that shoots small spherical projectiles made of soft materials, such as plastic or water beads.
– Airsoft gun: a replica firearm that shoots small projectiles using compressed gas or electric power. It is typically used in recreational activities and sports.