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Allegations of Child Abuse Against Mommy Blogger Ruby Franke

Months before Ruby Franke, a popular mommy blogger, was arrested on suspicions of child abuse, fellow social media influencers and users were raising concerns about her alleged abusive behavior towards her children. One YouTuber, known as “Swoop,” dedicated a video to detailing Franke’s videos and alleged abuse. Franke, a 41-year-old Mormom mom of six, was arrested after police received a distress call from a malnourished and emaciated child with open wounds and duct tape around their extremities.

Franke’s adult daughter, Shari Franke, expressed relief over the arrest, stating that her family had been trying to alert the authorities about the abuse for years. Franke’s YouTube channel, “8 Passengers,” had amassed 2.5 million subscribers before she moved to a different channel called “ConneXions.” Franke and her partner Jodi Hildebrand were arrested for alleged aggravated child abuse.

Concerns about Franke’s behavior were raised internet sleuths long before her arrest. These concerns included allegations of Franke withholding food from her children, exploiting them for content, and accusing at least one daughter of faking an eating disorder. Neighbors also reported concerns about Franke’s treatment of her children, with one stating that they feared for the safety of the kids. Franke’s family members also expressed relief that the children were now safe.

The court appearance date for Franke and Hildebrand is currently unclear.

– “Months before Ruby Franke was arrested, people were sounding off on her alleged abuse,” Fox News