The Future of the Big 12 Conference Without Oklahoma and Texas: Fan Reactions

The Future of the Big 12 Conference Without Oklahoma and Texas: Fan Reactions


After Kansas State’s loss to Missouri, the Big 12 Conference saw a significant change in its representation in the US LBM Coaches Poll and the AP Top 25. With Kansas State dropping out of the rankings, only the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns remained. This has sparked discussions about the future of the conference, with commissioner Brett Yormark sharing his thoughts.

Yormark has been vocal about the Big 12’s future without Oklahoma and Texas, aiming to promote the league despite their impending departures. While his efforts have been commendable in reviving the conference’s brand, college football fans couldn’t help but respond to his words.

Social media erupted with reactions, expressing doubts and humor about the current state of the conference. Fans highlighted the fact that only the Red River Rivals, Oklahoma and Texas, were representing the Big 12 in the rankings.

The sentiment among fans seems to reflect a belief that the Big 12 may face challenges moving forward without the two powerhouse programs. Brett Yormark’s words about being “fine” without them were met with skepticism and even humor.

It’s evident that college football fans find amusement in the situation. They express laughter and jokes at the expense of Yormark and the Big 12’s current predicament.

As the conference moves forward, it remains to be seen how the Big 12 will adapt and evolve without the influence of Oklahoma and Texas. Fans will continue to monitor the developments closely and share their reactions along the way.

– US LBM Coaches Poll: A poll in college football where coaches rank the top teams in the country.
– AP Top 25: A weekly ranking of the top 25 college football teams in the country a panel of sports writers and broadcasters.
– Big 12 Conference: A collegiate athletic conference consisting of ten member institutions located in the central United States.

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