Podcasters Gain Access to Licensed Music Through New Collaboration

Podcasters Gain Access to Licensed Music Through New Collaboration


In the past, music licensing has been a significant challenge for podcasters. However, several companies have recently emerged that offer licensed or production music catalogs specifically for podcast use. The latest collaboration in this space involves Slip·Stream, a startup that provides licensed music for podcasts, and Acast, an independent podcast firm.

As part of the collaboration, Acast’s podcasters will have access to over 70,000 tracks to use in their shows. Initially, they will receive a six-month free ‘Pro’ subscription to Slip·Stream’s service. After that, they will be given a discount to continue using the service. Slip·Stream will also curate playlists to assist Acast’s podcasters in finding suitable tracks on a weekly basis.

This news comes after Slip·Stream raised $7.5 million in funding in 2022, with investors including Sony Music. The collaboration with Acast is an exciting development for podcasters who have struggled with music licensing in the past. It enables them to enhance their shows with high-quality, licensed tracks without the complications of navigating complex music licensing agreements.

Overall, this partnership highlights the growing recognition of the importance of licensed music in the podcasting industry. It also demonstrates the emerging market for services that provide podcasters with easy access to licensed music catalogs. As the industry continues to evolve, collaborations like this will likely become more common, making it easier than ever for podcasters to incorporate music into their shows.

– Music Ally
– Slip·Stream
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