URGENT: Petition to Stop Animal Cruelty on Telegram

URGENT: Petition to Stop Animal Cruelty on Telegram

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There is a troubling trend on the popular messaging service Telegram, where videos of extreme cruelty towards baby monkeys are spreading rapidly. Lady Freethinker, in collaboration with Action for Primates, published a report on one of the first prominent monkey hater groups on Telegram called “Milliontears.” Shocking videos and chat screenshots were shared an anonymous source, revealing members who paid for macaques, including babies, to be abused, tortured, and killed on camera.

Another group, known as “Ape’s Cage,” showcased horrifying videos of baby monkeys being blended, drilled, and drowned. Disturbingly, users even had the opportunity to vote on the weapons they wanted to see used on future monkey victims. Since then, numerous other groups have formed on Telegram, exchanging and sharing videos of unspeakable acts of torture inflicted upon baby monkeys.

Telegram claims to be committed to protecting user privacy and human rights, including freedom of speech, and states that moderators cannot actively monitor private groups. However, this stance allows for the rampant posting and sharing of violent and cruel content without consequence.

It is imperative that Telegram’s leadership takes immediate action to address this alarming trend. Animal rights activists are calling for the platform to ban animal cruelty groups, remove existing content promoting animal torture, and punish users involved in such activities.

Please sign this urgent petition, urging Telegram CEO Pavel Durov to confront this horrifying issue, protect innocent animals, and take a stand against the promotion and perpetuation of animal cruelty on the platform.