Should I Start Kenyan Drake?

Should I Start Kenyan Drake?

As fantasy football managers, we are constantly faced with tough decisions when it comes to setting our lineups. One player who has been causing quite a stir in recent weeks is Kenyan Drake. The running back for the Las Vegas Raiders has shown flashes of brilliance, but is he a reliable option to start in your fantasy lineup? Let’s take a closer look.

Drake burst onto the scene in 2016 as a member of the Miami Dolphins, showcasing his explosive speed and versatility. Since then, he has had a somewhat up-and-down career, bouncing between teams and struggling to find consistent success. However, this season with the Raiders, Drake has shown signs of returning to his former glory.

In recent weeks, Drake has seen an increased workload in the Raiders’ offense. He has been involved in both the running and passing game, making him a dual-threat option for fantasy managers. His ability to find the end zone has also been impressive, scoring touchdowns in multiple games.

However, it’s important to note that Drake is not the sole running back in the Raiders’ backfield. He shares touches with fellow running back Josh Jacobs, which can limit his overall production. Additionally, the Raiders’ offense has been inconsistent at times, which could impact Drake’s fantasy output.


Q: What is a running back?
A: A running back is a position in American football responsible for carrying the ball and running with it. They are typically the primary ball carriers for their team.

Q: What is a dual-threat option?
A: A dual-threat option refers to a player who is capable of both running the ball effectively and catching passes out of the backfield. This versatility makes them a valuable asset in fantasy football.

Q: Should I start Kenyan Drake over other running backs?
A: The decision to start Kenyan Drake ultimately depends on your other options and the specific matchup. Consider factors such as his recent performance, the Raiders’ offensive strategy, and the strength of the opposing defense before making your decision.

In conclusion, while Kenyan Drake has shown promise in recent weeks, starting him in your fantasy lineup comes with some risks. His shared workload and the inconsistency of the Raiders’ offense should be taken into consideration. Evaluate your other options and the matchup carefully before making a final decision.