SHINee’s Key Opens Up About His Habits and Fan Interactions

SHINee’s Key Opens Up About His Habits and Fan Interactions

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In a recent interview, SHINee’s Key took on the task of going undercover on popular community boards in Korea to address some of the trending topics and discussions about himself. Known for his candid and playful personality, Key’s reactions made the interview even more entertaining for fans.

One particular topic that caught Key’s attention was a fan’s post about his habit of staying covered up. The fan noted that Key had recently changed “quite a lot” in regards to not showing any skin. They specifically mentioned a shirtless photo that Key had posted on his personal Instagram. Surprised the comment, Key clicked on the provided link to see the post for himself but couldn’t recall ever posting it.

In response, Key humorously said, “There’s nothing to see, but many people seem interested.” He also mentioned that fans had questioned if his account was hacked after seeing the older Instagram post. Key explained that in the past, he didn’t feel confident about his appearance or body, but these days, he doesn’t care as much and is more comfortable showing skin.

During the interview, Key also revealed an unexpected topic that fans bring up during fansigns. This topic was not disclosed in the source article, but it showcases Key’s willingness to engage with his fans on a deeper level.

Overall, Key’s interview provided fans with a glimpse into his personal life and thoughts. His openness and candid responses made the interview enjoyable and gave fans a chance to connect with him on a more intimate level.

– SHINee: A South Korean boy band formed SM Entertainment in 2008.
– Fan sign: A meeting event where fans can get autographs from their favorite celebrities.

Source: TheQoo and Instiz Community Boards Interview with SHINee’s Key (YouTube)