A Nigerian Lady Shares Heartbreaking WhatsApp Message from Estranged Lover

A Nigerian Lady Shares Heartbreaking WhatsApp Message from Estranged Lover

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Okoye Chidimma Rosemary, a Nigerian lady, recently took to social media to share a heartbreaking message she received from her former boyfriend. In the message, her ex-boyfriend, known as Sky, admitted to double-dating and stated that he couldn’t choose between Chidimma and the other woman. He claimed to love them both and kept them for reasons known only to himself.

Chidimma expressed her dislike for men from Imo state, specifically those from the Nempi area of Orlu, using the hashtags “#saynotoorlumen” and “#imostatemen” in her TikTok post. Her revelation sparked a lot of conversation, with some women supporting her sentiments about Imo men.

The leaked WhatsApp conversation caused mixed reactions among social media users. Some women shared their own experiences, while others defended the sincerity of men from their own regions. One user mentioned that she was from Anambra and preferred Anambra men because although they may not be very romantic, they are caring and loving.

Another user, who seemed to be Yoruba, expressed disbelief and disassociation from the behavior described in the message, emphasizing that it did not represent all men from their region.

The conversation also drew attention to the pride and ego of some Imo men, as one user pointed out. Another user from Nempi, the area specifically mentioned Chidimma, requested that she drop the name so they could avoid such experiences in the future.

While the specific incident related to Chidimma’s personal experience, it revealed deeper discussions about relationships and trust. The conversation highlighted the varied perspectives and experiences of women in their dealings with men from different regions of Nigeria.

It is important to note that this article is based on a social media post and should be taken as such. The message shared Chidimma and the subsequent reactions reflect the opinions and experiences of the individuals involved.

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