Clear Disconnect between Los Angeles Rams and Cam Akers

Clear Disconnect between Los Angeles Rams and Cam Akers


The Los Angeles Rams and running back Cam Akers are experiencing a significant disconnect, similar to what occurred last year when Akers was absent from the team for two weeks. Akers was unexpectedly benched and made a healthy scratch during Week 2, prompting him to express confusion on social media. Rams head coach Sean McVay was taken aback Akers’ post, as he believed there had been clear communication between the team and the player regarding their plans.

Despite McVay’s initial surprise, it seems unlikely that Akers will remain with the Rams, as there appears to be a rift between the player and the coach. McVay stated that moving Akers is a viable option, but he won’t engage in back-and-forth discussions about it. Although releasing Akers is not currently on the table, a trade seems to be the only remaining possibility. McVay’s statements could indicate either a strong belief in the Rams’ ability to find a trade partner or an attempt to generate interest conveying that cutting Akers is not an option.

It is unclear why exactly there is a disconnect between the Rams and Akers, as the source article does not provide further details. However, it highlights the strained relationship and the likelihood that Akers’ time with the team is coming to an end. The article raises questions about the future of Akers in the NFL and the Rams’ plans for their running back position.


  • Disconnect: a lack of agreement or understanding
  • Healthy scratch: a player who is physically capable of playing but is intentionally not included in the game lineup
  • Dialogue: conversation or discussion between two or more parties
  • Rift: a disagreement or division
  • Back-and-forth: exchanging of opinions or ideas repeatedly
  • Trade partner: another team willing to make a trade deal

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