Saudi Woman Alleges Molestation Malayali Vlogger in Hotel Room

Saudi Woman Alleges Molestation Malayali Vlogger in Hotel Room

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A woman from Saudi Arabia has taken to social media to share her alleged ordeal of being molested in a hotel room popular Malayali vlogger, Shakeer Suban. Suban, known for his YouTube channel Mallu Traveler, has been accused the woman of assaulting her when her male friend left the room. The incident took place after the vlogger had invited them for a meeting.

The woman reported the incident to both the Saudi Embassy and the Ernakulam Central police, resulting in a case being registered against Suban. The police have charged him under Sections 354 and 354-A (i) of the Indian Penal Code, which deal with assault, criminal force, and sexual harassment.

In response to the allegations, Suban defended himself in a video posted on his channel, claiming that the woman had made the accusation with an ulterior motive. However, the police have taken the woman’s complaint seriously and are conducting an investigation into the matter.

This incident highlights the importance of addressing cases of molestation and assault, regardless of the platform on which they occur. Social media can provide individuals with a voice to share their experiences and seek justice.

It is important to support victims and ensure that they receive the necessary support and protection. This includes providing them with access to legal processes and encouraging them to come forward and report such incidents.

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– Vlogger: A person who creates and posts videos on a video-sharing platform, typically sharing their experiences, opinions, or expertise on a specific topic.
– Molestation: The act of subjecting someone to unwanted or offensive sexual behavior.
– Ulterior Motive: A hidden or underlying purpose for one’s actions.

Note: The source article did not provide a specific definition for “Sections 354 and 354-A (i) of the IPC,” so no definition was provided.