Hrithik Roshan Captures Candid Moments of Girlfriend Saba Azad

Hrithik Roshan Captures Candid Moments of Girlfriend Saba Azad

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Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan is not only known for his acting skills but also for his endearing personality off-screen. Recently, he showcased a different side of himself as he captured candid moments of his girlfriend, actress Saba Azad. Saba is known for her work in films like “Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge” and Naseeruddin Shah’s short film “Man Woman Man Woman.”

In a series of delightful pictures shared on Saba’s Instagram, she can be seen indulging in some delectable food, with Hrithik behind the camera. Saba expressed her love for the food in her caption and humorously mentioned Hrithik’s special talent for capturing her mid-bite moments. She playfully added that there can never be enough photos of women eating.

These pictures and Saba’s caption shed light on the charming dynamic between the couple, showcasing Hrithik’s role as a loving partner. Fans couldn’t help but admire this different side of the actor.

On the professional front, Hrithik Roshan is preparing for his next project titled “Fighter.” This film has already sparked interest among fans as it will be the first time Hrithik shares the screen with Deepika Padukone. Fans of both actors are eagerly anticipating their on-screen chemistry.

Overall, Hrithik Roshan continues to charm audiences not only through his movies but also through his personal life. His candid moments with Saba Azad have left everyone in awe, adding another layer of admiration to his already endearing persona.

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