Social Media Highlights from the Singapore Grand Prix

Social Media Highlights from the Singapore Grand Prix


The Singapore Grand Prix was not just about the intense on-track action. Here are some of the social media highlights that you might have missed during the event.

One of the memorable moments from the weekend was the return of ‘Godzilla.’ Max Verstappen, back in 2016, had encountered a monster lizard on the track and gave it the nickname ‘Godzilla.’ This year, during the first practice, three lizards made an appearance, although Verstappen joked about their size.

Red Bull had a difficult time during the race, struggling for grip throughout. The drivers expressed their frustration, and some fans wondered if they should have considered racing toy cars instead due to their poor performance.

In a lighter moment, Charles Leclerc, known for his talent as a pianist, received an invitation to duet with the band The Kooks. Given that Leclerc refers to his car as a woman with a name, the song “She Moves in Her Own Way” took on a whole new meaning.

AlphaTauri had a new race engineer in Singapore, and it was none other than Daniel Ricciardo. Despite wearing a brace on his injured hand, Ricciardo seemed happy to be back in the paddock. The team’s driver, Liam Lawson, also scored points, suggesting that Ricciardo could have a second career as an engineer in the future.

These social media highlights added extra excitement and entertainment to the Singapore Grand Prix, showing that there was more to the event than just the race itself.


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