Gronkowski Joins the Trend: Exploring the Roman Empire Question

Gronkowski Joins the Trend: Exploring the Roman Empire Question

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Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski is known for his football talent and larger-than-life personality. Even in retirement, he continues to show off his unique character. In a recent trend on TikTok, people are asking their partners how often they think about the Roman Empire. Gronkowski was not exempt from participating in this trend during Fox Sports’ coverage of NFL Week 2.

When asked about the Roman Empire, Gronkowski humorously responded, “Only when I watch the movie Gladiator.” He added that he thinks about it once every three years. This unexpected response showcases Gronkowski’s ability to inject humor into any situation.

While he may be seen as a party-loving jock, Gronkowski has proven that there is more to him than meets the eye. Former teammate Julian Edelman described him as “low-key like Rain Man,” with a deep knowledge of numbers and a remarkable ability to remember football plays. Edelman emphasized that Gronkowski’s football intelligence is often underestimated, as he quickly learns from mistakes and retains information effortlessly.

Another former player, Jason Kelce, echoed Edelman’s sentiments, stating that Gronkowski defies the perception of being a “big dumb jock.” Kelce marveled at Gronkowski’s intelligence once he had the chance to sit down and talk with him.

The viral Roman Empire trend has provided an opportunity for Gronkowski to showcase his fun-loving personality and for others to see that he is not just a football player but also a sharp and intelligent individual.

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