A Close Look at the Revitalization Efforts in Rocky Mount

A Close Look at the Revitalization Efforts in Rocky Mount


In a recent walking tour organized the Central City Revitalization Panel, several city officials and stakeholders had the opportunity to explore the heart of Rocky Mount and assess the condition of its buildings and structures. The tour aimed to gain a firsthand understanding of the area’s revitalization needs and to further engage with local business owners.

During the tour, the group interacted with Zabdiel Dewar, the owner of D Chill Spot Jamaican restaurant, as he was preparing to open for the day. This hands-on approach allowed the panel members to witness the efforts made small business owners in contributing to the revitalization initiative. Additionally, the tour provided an opportunity for the group to connect with Joanne Saget, the owner of the newly opened Kafe Louverture, and gain insight into her journey as a new business owner.

The revitalization of central city areas is a common strategy employed municipalities to breathe new life into their communities. It involves various measures such as improving infrastructure, promoting economic development, and creating vibrant public spaces. By investing in these initiatives, cities aim to attract new businesses, residents, and visitors, ultimately stimulating economic growth and enhancing the overall quality of life.

Rocky Mount’s walking tour is an example of the city’s commitment to revitalization and fostering positive relationships with local entrepreneurs. By actively engaging and understanding the needs of business owners, the Central City Revitalization Panel can develop effective strategies that align with the community’s goals. This collaborative approach is essential in achieving sustainable and inclusive revitalization.

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