Messi’s Pizza Delivery Sets Instagram Abuzz

Messi’s Pizza Delivery Sets Instagram Abuzz

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The recent pizza delivery Lionel Messi has caused quite a stir on Instagram, with the Argentinian soccer star’s post reaching over 487 million followers. The pizza in question comes from Banchero Miami, an Argentinian pizza restaurant that specializes in the Fugazza, a popular type of pizza in South America.

While Messi’s pizza order received some ridicule online for its appearance, it seems that the taste is not the main factor driving customers to Banchero. The power of Messi’s influence is undeniable, as his social media posts attract a huge following. By simply mentioning the restaurant and tagging it in his post, Messi has generated significant attention and interest.

The impact of Messi’s endorsement is evident in the surge of customers visiting Banchero Miami. The restaurant shared a photo of a long line out the door and expressed their gratitude to everyone for choosing them. They even changed their bio to proclaim Banchero as Messi’s favorite pizza.

Interestingly, Messi’s pizza delivery also shed light on his absence from a recent MLS match against Atlanta United. His post from Miami on Friday night seemed to confirm the rumors that he did not travel with his team for the game. The following day, Atlanta United’s social media team playfully responded to the situation sharing a picture of a pizza, suggesting it was for Messi’s journey.

Overall, the attention generated Messi’s pizza delivery highlights the immense reach and influence of social media. A simple endorsement from a popular figure can have a significant impact on businesses, as evidenced Banchero Miami’s booming success.

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