Actor Rashami Desai Opens Up About Dealing with Trolls on Social Media

Actor Rashami Desai Opens Up About Dealing with Trolls on Social Media


In a recent video shared on micro-blogging platform X, actor Rashami Desai addressed the constant trolling she faces on social media. Desai expressed her frustration at being targeted trolls who not only criticize her but also involve her family in the negativity. She believes that trolling has become normalized and dangerous, affecting the lives of those close to her.

Desai, known for her work in the TV show “Uttaran” and her participation in “Bigg Boss,” stated in the video, “To all the jobless people out there, I want to tell you all please don’t pick on my mother and father. I know what I am doing, it’s my life.” She mentioned that the abusive comments she read about her family compelled her to take a stand.

The 37-year-old actor emphasized that she is capable of making her own decisions and that she appreciates the concern of her fans. However, she felt it was necessary to address the negativity and abuse circulating on social media. Desai believes it is unfair to drag her family into the name-calling and urges people to be kinder and less self-centered.

While Desai acknowledges that she can be wrong at times and is open to criticism, she finds it frustrating when others, who have learned from her mistakes, try to dictate her choices. She chooses to detach from the negativity focusing on her work, understanding that trolling is inevitable, but hopes for there to be a limit to it.

In conclusion, Rashami Desai’s message is clear: it is crucial to address the issue of trolling on social media. While she appreciates her fans’ concern, she urges them to respect boundaries and refrain from involving her family in the negativity. Desai finds solace in her work, using it as a means to detach from the dark side of social media.

– Author: Sugandha Rawal
– Title: Delhi-based Sugandha Rawal is a movie buff, and writes on Bollywood, Hollywood, Television, OTT and Music for the daily entertainment and lifestyle supplement, HT City.