Raquel Leviss Changes Instagram Username to Rachel Leviss after Time in Mental Health Facility

Raquel Leviss Changes Instagram Username to Rachel Leviss after Time in Mental Health Facility

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Raquel Leviss, formerly known as Raquel Leviss on Instagram, has officially changed her username to Rachel Leviss. This change comes after Leviss decided to go her legal name, Rachel, during her three-month stay at a mental health facility. Leviss, a former star on the reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules,” updated both her username and profile name on the social media platform.

In August, Leviss had already changed her profile name to Rachel Leviss, but her username still remained as Raquel Leviss. However, the recent update made her username consistent with her chosen name. Leviss also added “Healing Era 🌷🌱🌸✨” to her bio, indicating her focus on personal growth and healing.

She had initially made the decision to go Rachel in August and announced it on an episode of Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, “Just B.” Leviss explained that she started going Rachel when she was in first grade to feel special among multiple classmates with the name Rachel. However, she responded to both Raquel and Rachel, as her friends and family referred to her different names.

During her stay at the mental health facility, Leviss realized that she used the nickname Raquel because she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin and wanted to become a better person. This self-discovery led her to embrace her legal name, Rachel.

Raquel Leviss and her former co-star Tom Sandoval initially pursued a romantic connection, but their relationship ended due to backlash from fans and Leviss’ subsequent stay at the mental health facility. Leviss clarified that she has had no contact with Sandoval since leaving the center.

Leviss made it clear that she will not be returning to “Vanderpump Rules” and has removed any photos with her former co-stars from her Instagram profile. Meanwhile, Sandoval continues to film for the show’s new season.


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