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New Netflix Show “Drive to Survive” Expands to Las Vegas, Shaping Formula 1’s Future

Netflix’s immensely popular show “Drive to Survive” has been captivating audiences since its debut in March 2019. The series offers an unprecedented look into the thrilling world of Formula 1, both on and off the track, as it follows teams through their competitive seasons. Now, as Las Vegas gears up for the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix, the city will be showcased in the next season of the show, further propelling the sport’s popularity.

The mastermind behind the impressive production is James Gay-Rees, co-founder of Box To Box Films, who first gained recognition for his acclaimed documentary “Senna.” Having reignited an interest in Formula 1 over a decade ago, Gay-Rees saw an opportunity to continue exploring the sport’s captivating narrative. He and his team were subsequently approached Formula 1 and Netflix to collaborate on “Drive to Survive.”

While the show has undoubtedly contributed to the surge in Formula 1’s popularity throughout the United States, Gay-Rees modestly acknowledges its impact. “I’m really pleased that it’s landed in the way it has done and I’m really happy that it’s found its audience,” he said. The growing enthusiasm for the sport in the U.S. is undeniable, and the drivers themselves are eagerly embracing this expansion. Gay-Rees describes the connection between “Drive to Survive” and Formula 1 as a “match made in heaven.”

As the “Drive to Survive” team immerses itself in Las Vegas, they are busily capturing footage and conducting interviews to feature in the upcoming season. Gay-Rees is particularly excited about the prospect of a night race through the vibrant City of Las Vegas. “I love street circuits and a night race is going to be incredible,” he expressed. The unique allure of Las Vegas as a backdrop for the race promises an exhilarating viewing experience, and Gay-Rees hopes it will be an extraordinary event for both the competitors and fans alike.

With the addition of Las Vegas to the latest season of “Drive to Survive,” the show continues to shape the future of Formula 1, captivating audiences worldwide and further solidifying the sport’s prominence in the U.S.


1. When did the Netflix show “Drive to Survive” first debut?

The Netflix show “Drive to Survive” debuted in March 2019.

2. Who is the co-founder of Box To Box Films and the mastermind behind “Drive to Survive”?

James Gay-Rees, co-founder of Box To Box Films, is the mastermind behind the popular Netflix show “Drive to Survive.”

3. What impact has “Drive to Survive” had on the popularity of Formula 1 in the United States?

Many credit “Drive to Survive” with contributing to the increased popularity of Formula 1 in the United States.

4. Why is Las Vegas being featured in the next season of “Drive to Survive”?

Las Vegas is being featured in the next season of “Drive to Survive” due to the upcoming 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

5. What is the production team of “Drive to Survive” currently doing in Las Vegas?

The production team of “Drive to Survive” is currently capturing footage and conducting interviews in Las Vegas for the upcoming season of the show.