Social Media Brawls at The Big E Raise Concerns about Safety

Social Media Brawls at The Big E Raise Concerns about Safety

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The West Springfield police have issued a statement regarding a growing trend of social media-fueled brawls taking place at The Big E, the Eastern States Exhibition. Youngsters looking for fame and recognition on TikTok are engaging in staged fights and recording them for online uploads. The police have urged social media users and local media to be aware of this alarming trend.

To ensure the safety of visitors, both The Big E and the West Springfield Police Department have decided to enhance security measures, especially on days with large crowds. Connecticut Day, scheduled for Wednesday, and Salute to Springfield, taking place on Monday, will receive extra attention from the authorities.

In addition to the increased police presence, the Massachusetts State Police and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department will provide additional patrols within The Big E grounds. Neighboring police agencies have also offered their canine units to assist in maintaining order.

The West Springfield police responded to criticism about their response times, highlighting the significant size of The Big E, which covers approximately 175 acres. With tens of thousands of people present on the property, the police officers utilize various modes of transportation, including foot patrols, golf carts, and police cruisers, to ensure a safe and timely response. The priority remains the safety of the guests attending the fair.

Recent incidents have led to arrests, as two 20-year-olds from Connecticut were apprehended following a brawl. However, the overall attendance at The Big E has remained high, with 86,212 people on Friday, 95,541 on Saturday, and 91,287 on Sunday.

As this concerning trend continues, it is crucial for both visitors and authorities to remain vigilant and work together to maintain the safety and reputation of The Big E.

– The Big E: The Eastern States Exhibition, an annual fair held in West Springfield, Massachusetts.
– TikTok: A popular social media platform known for sharing short-form videos.

– West Springfield Police Department