R Madhavan Mesmerized Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2

R Madhavan Mesmerized Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2

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Actor and director R Madhavan recently visited the newly inaugurated Terminal 2 of Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport. Expressing his awe and admiration, Madhavan took to Instagram to share his excitement about the “exotic” and “efficient” infrastructure of the airport. With over 4.4 million followers on Instagram, Madhavan’s post garnered significant attention.

In his video, Madhavan highlighted the unique features of the airport, such as the real plants hanging from the ceiling, which are watered daily, and the extensive use of bamboo in the construction. He praised the airport’s theme of sustainability and expressed his pride in the evolving infrastructure of India. The video gained over 4.9 lakh likes and close to 1 million views.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took notice of Madhavan’s post and shared the video, emphasizing the importance of next-gen infrastructure for India’s growth.

Terminal 2 of Kempegowda International Airport opened for international flights on September 12, while Terminal 1 now serves as the operating hub for domestic flights operated IndiGo, Akasa Air, Alliance Air, and SpiceJet. Terminal 2 is exclusively used for international flights and domestic flights operated AirAsia, Air India, Star Air, and Vistara.

This visit R Madhavan highlights the growing admiration for the world-class infrastructure being developed in India. With sustainable elements and stunning aesthetics, Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport’s Terminal 2 represents a new era of airport design and functionality.

– Instagram post R Madhavan
– Statement from Bangalore International Airport Ltd.