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New Chant Inspires Yacine Adli to Persist and Thrive at AC Milan

Yacine Adli, the talented midfielder, has found inspiration in the new Curva Sud chant at AC Milan. Posting on his Instagram, Adli shared a photo of himself in the Milan pre-match jacket, alongside the caption that translates to “Whatever happens, I won’t leave you,” which is part of the new chant introduced during the game against Lecce.

Adli’s journey at AC Milan started in the summer of 2022, following a loan spell at Bordeaux. Although he had limited playing time in his first season, this campaign has seen an improvement. Now playing in a different role as a No.6, he has accumulated a total of 343 minutes on the pitch. However, he has recently been sidelined, not getting any minutes in the last few games.

The posting of Adli’s photo and the reference to the Curva Sud chant can be seen as a reflection of his determination and commitment to the team. It is a testament to his resilience and refusal to give up, echoing his previous demonstrations of persistence.

While there have been discussions surrounding Adli’s playing time moving forward, his connection to the club and his dedication to the cause are unwavering. Through this social media post, he sends a message to the fans, expressing his loyalty and determination to succeed at AC Milan.

The new chant from the Curva Sud has seemingly resonated deeply with Adli, propelling him to persist and thrive. It serves as a reminder of the bond between the player and the supporters, as they unite in their shared passion for the club.


Q: What is a No.6 role in football?
A: In football, the No.6 position typically refers to a defensive midfielder. These players focus on providing defensive cover, intercepting passes, and breaking up the opponent’s attacks.

Q: What is the Curva Sud?
A: The Curva Sud is a section of the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. It is known for its passionate and vocal supporters, who create an electric atmosphere during AC Milan matches.