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New Approaches in Pharmaceutical Marketing: Using Snapchat to Educate Consumers

Pharmaceutical companies are applying innovative strategies to educate consumers about their products. Recently, both Dermavant and Botox Cosmetic turned to Snapchat to engage with users and provide information about their FDA-approved treatments.

To mark World Psoriasis Day on October 29, Dermavant launched a Snapchat Lens centered around its product Vtama. This special Lens opens an augmented reality mini-game where users can guide their character across the roofs of stores with names related to the challenges that individuals with psoriasis may face. By tapping the screen, players can make their character jump over obstacles that appear from these stores. Medical information about Vtama, the cream from Dermavant, appears at the bottom of the screen as the game progresses.

According to John Darden, the Vice President of Marketing at Dermavant, these Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses exhibit the possibilities of innovation in pharmaceutical marketing, even within a heavily regulated space. Dermavant is excited about the opportunity to partner with Snapchat and reach consumers in new and engaging ways.

Similarly, Botox celebrated Botox Cosmetic Day on November 15 with its own Snapchat Lens. This Lens places a small slot machine above the user’s head and prompts them to frown, smile, and raise their eyebrows to make the three reels stop spinning. If the user creates a line of three matching symbols, celebratory icons fall from the top of the screen. Keeping the Lens open after performing the expressions presents the Botox Medical Guide on the screen, offering additional information about the product.

Snap Inc.’s David Sommer, Head of U.S. Verticals, recognizes these AR Lenses as examples of how their technology allows brands in various industries to engage with users uniquely, informatively, and entertainingly. With over 250 million people engaging with AR on the app daily, Snapchat has become a powerful platform for pharmaceutical companies to educate consumers about their products.

These creative approaches in pharmaceutical marketing showcase the potential for technology to transform the way brands interact with their audience, bringing valuable information and entertainment together in one experience.


What is a Snapchat Lens?
A Snapchat Lens is an augmented reality feature that allows users to apply interactive filters and effects to their selfies and videos.

How do pharmaceutical companies use Snapchat Lenses?
Pharmaceutical companies leverage Snapchat Lenses to educate consumers about their products. These Lenses often involve interactive games or visual effects that engage users while providing information about the product’s FDA-approved use.

Why is Snapchat an effective platform for pharmaceutical marketing?
Snapchat has a large user base, and its AR technology provides a unique and engaging way to reach and educate consumers. With millions of people engaging with AR on the app daily, pharmaceutical companies have found Snapchat to be a valuable platform for sharing information about their products.