Corey Webster Apologizes for Offensive Comment, Takes Break from Social Media

Corey Webster Apologizes for Offensive Comment, Takes Break from Social Media


Corey Webster, a guard for the Perth Wildcats, has issued an apology for making an offensive comment on social media. The former Tall Blacks star expressed that he did not intend to cause offense but acknowledged that his comment was insensitive. In response to a question on X, a social media platform, which featured the LGBTQI+ New Progress Pride Flag, Webster replied with the words “Mental illness.” His comment was made just before a pre-season NBL match between the Wildcats and Adelaide, a team that includes the NBL’s first openly gay player, Isaac Humphries.

Shortly after posting his comment, Webster recognized that his words conflicted with the values of inclusivity upheld the Perth Wildcats. In a statement released the club, Webster expressed his sincere apologies, acknowledging the harm caused his comments. He also stated his intention to take a break from social media in order to further educate himself on the impact of such remarks and how they can offend individuals.

This is not the first time Webster has faced backlash for his social media activity. He has previously posted controversial views that have offended others, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Perth Wildcats and their owners, SEN, have expressed their deep disappointment with Webster’s comment. Richard Simkiss, CEO of SEN Teams, emphasized the misalignment of Webster’s words with the club’s values and their commitment to work with him in order to educate him on the harm caused such comments.

Webster, along with his brother Tai, also a basketball player, withdrew from the Tall Blacks’ recent World Cup campaign for personal reasons.

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