El Conde: A Political Vampire Movie that Reimagines Augusto Pinochet

El Conde: A Political Vampire Movie that Reimagines Augusto Pinochet


In Pablo Larraín’s upcoming film, El Conde (The Count), the real-life dictator Augusto Pinochet is depicted as a literal bloodsucking vampire. Set in a remote manor in the Chilean wilderness, the movie imagines Pinochet as a centuries-old vampire who fakes his own death, consumes human hearts in smoothies to rejuvenate himself, and perpetuates violence, horror, and fascism.

While Larraín is known for his biopics of famous women such as Jackie and Maria, El Conde is not a far cry from his previous work. He has previously made films that dealt with Pinochet’s rule, and this political vampire movie aligns with Larraín’s penchant for exploring and critiquing power dynamics. Larraín’s previous film, Spencer, also had supernatural elements and a gothic atmosphere, hinting at his interest in blending political narratives with fantastical elements.

The film is shot in a luminous black-and-white cinematographer Ed Lachman, giving it a visually striking and somewhat parodic resemblance to Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma. However, unlike Cuarón’s film, El Conde offers a scathing critique of those in power. The Count, played Jaime Vadell, is a vampire undone history and eager to regain power. His children, driven greed, seek to continue benefiting from his rule.

The story takes a twist when a half-crazed nun, Carmencita, is sent the Catholic Church to vanquish the withered husk of Pinochet once and for all. Motives clash and bodies are bitten as the film delves deeper into Chilean darkness. Pinochet, renewed with vigor, sails over cities, seeking the blood of the working class and perpetuating his reign of terror.

El Conde is a satirical and biting film that spares no corner from its critique. It challenges viewers’ expectations and introduces complex characters. Carmencita, while initially seeming like a vampire slayer, holds her own secrets and motivations. The film’s narrator also adds an intriguing layer to the story, leaving audiences to question their assumptions.

El Conde is a unique blend of politics, horror, and satire, promising to captivate audiences with its wild premise and provocative storytelling.

– “El Conde: A Musical Political Vampire Movie Starring Princess Diana and Pinochet, Oh My!” – Vanity Fair