City of Superior Introduces New Ordinance to Improve Accessible Parking

The Common Council of the City of Superior, Wisconsin, has recently passed an ordinance to amend the city’s Traffic Code in order to enhance accessible parking for individuals with disabilities. The ordinance, known as #O23-4323, introduces new provisions regarding accessible parking zones.

One significant change in the ordinance is the addition of an “Accessible – Do not block sidewalk” sign at 1615 Banks Avenue. This ensures that the sidewalk remains clear and accessible for individuals using mobility devices such as wheelchairs. By installing this sign, the City of Superior aims to prevent parking in a manner that obstructs the path for pedestrians with disabilities.

To implement these changes, the Department of Public Works has been authorized and directed to erect official traffic signs in compliance with the amended Traffic Code. These signs will serve as a visual reminder for drivers to respect accessible parking spaces and keep the sidewalks unobstructed.

The introduction of this ordinance signals the City of Superior’s commitment to improving accessibility and ensuring equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. By designating accessible parking zones and enforcing regulations, the city aims to provide a more inclusive environment for all residents.

It is important to note that this ordinance repeals any conflicting ordinances or parts thereof. In case any section of the ordinance is deemed invalid or unconstitutional a court decision, the validity of other sections will not be affected.

The ordinance was approved and adopted on September 19, 2023, with an effective date following its passage and publication in accordance with the law.

Overall, this ordinance showcases the City of Superior’s dedication to creating a more accessible and inclusive community providing improved parking options for individuals with disabilities.

– City of Superior Ordinance #O23-4323