An OB-GYN Suspended for Allegedly Offering Patients Money for Nude Photos

An OB-GYN Suspended for Allegedly Offering Patients Money for Nude Photos

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According to a recently filed lawsuit, Dr. George Chambers, an OB-GYN from Las Vegas who dubbed himself the “vagina whisperer” on Instagram, allegedly offered two patients $1,000 each in exchange for nude photos. The complaint against Chambers listed several charges, including disreputable conduct, deceptive behavior, failure to maintain accurate medical records, and exploitation of the patient-doctor relationship for personal gain. Chambers’ medical license was subsequently suspended Nevada’s medical board.

The medical board determined that Chambers engaged in disreputable conduct and a continual failure to practice medicine properly asking two patients to pose nude as an advertisement for cosmetic gynecological surgery. It was also revealed that Chambers had invited patients to participate in “boudoir” photography sessions, violating their trust in the process.

Although at least one woman filed a police report against Chambers, no criminal charges were brought against him. Nevertheless, two patients came forward to share their stories, hoping to prevent other women from having a similar experience.

One patient, referred to as “Patient A” in the lawsuit, visited Chambers for a surgery consultation in November 2020. Allegedly, he caused her injury inserting his hand forcefully into her vagina and used slang terms to describe the act. Chambers also took photos of her vagina using her cellphone and requested that she send him two of the photos for her medical records.

Another patient, “Patient B,” was one of the two patients allegedly offered money for nude photos. The lawsuit claimed that the purpose of these photos was for an advertisement and not for medical purposes.

Chambers also reportedly made a similar offer to “Patient C” when she mentioned her financial struggles, expressing that he was seeking models for a photography session featuring the models’ vaginal areas and nude bodies.

Chambers’ license suspension came shortly after the deactivation of his Instagram account, where he referred to himself as the only board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist in Nevada certified in sexual health medicine.

The case involving “Patient A” was brought to the attention of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who allegedly downloaded the contents of her cellphone for investigation. However, the department later communicated to her that Chambers had not sexually assaulted her. Despite her multiple attempts to reopen the case, she encountered resistance.

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