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LinkedIn: A Valuable Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Networking

In a recent article published on KOM24, Henrik Weido Lorentzen questions whether LinkedIn is currently one of the darkest places on the internet. However, Rune Jevne Sjøhelle, in response to Lorentzen’s claims, suggests that LinkedIn is actually a highly valuable platform for professionals to share knowledge and engage with others.

LinkedIn’s algorithm functions similarly to other social media platforms, providing users with a personalized feed based on their interests and interactions. In Sjøhelle’s experience, LinkedIn showcases some of the most interesting content, particularly when it comes to professionals discussing their work. By sharing insights into their respective industries, companies, and values, individuals create opportunities for others to gain valuable insights.

For example, professionals such as Marte Kopperstad from Nordea educate high school students on personal finance, Chul Aamodt from Europower hosts conferences for technology optimists, and KI guru Inga Strümke debates Norway’s policies on artificial intelligence with Minister Sigbjørn Gjelsvik. Jan Erik Kjerpeseth, a bank manager with a significant following, engages in local politics in Bergen, while international colleagues at PwC discuss climate change at Climate Week NYC. While occasional self-promotion may occur, Sjøhelle emphasizes that the majority of LinkedIn users focus on sharing knowledge and insights, such as Irene Fossen’s clever writing tips, LinkedIn guru Fredrik Fornes’s expertise on publishing on the platform, and Gunnar Holm Ringen’s explanations of the difference between disqualification and exposure to insider information.

To make the most of LinkedIn, Sjøhelle advises users to curate their feed paying attention to those who share interesting content and engaging with them through likes or comments. By following knowledgeable professionals, LinkedIn can become a constructive social media platform, where professionals connect and interact within a work context. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales or better recruitment outcomes. In fact, when PwC recently advertised a job opening in their marketing and communications department, they received over 250 applicants, demonstrating the effectiveness of their LinkedIn presence.

Additionally, LinkedIn has become an attractive platform for B2B advertising. With concerns surrounding privacy issues faced platforms like Meta and Facebook, LinkedIn offers a more reliable alternative for businesses seeking to reach their target audience.

Overall, LinkedIn is a valuable platform for professionals to share knowledge, network, and connect with others in their field. Its effectiveness in fostering meaningful conversations and opportunities within the professional community makes it a vital tool for success in the digital age.

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