Recrubo Closes €600,000 Seed Round to Scale Its AI-driven Recruitment Solution

Recrubo Closes €600,000 Seed Round to Scale Its AI-driven Recruitment Solution

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Recrubo, a recruitment technology start-up, has successfully closed a seed funding round of €600,000 to further develop and commercialize its innovative product. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Recrubo aims to optimize the recruitment process for blue-collar and service companies through chat-based interactions. This allows candidates to apply for jobs easily and provides companies with efficient tools to track and manage applicants.

According to the founder and CEO of Recrubo, Niels Tukker, traditional extensive CVs are becoming less relevant for many positions. By enabling candidates to apply quickly and easily via WhatsApp, Recrubo is aligning with the needs of today’s generation and improving the user experience for both candidates and employers. In fact, an Amsterdam-based meal delivery company successfully filled all its open positions using Recrubo’s solution, while also reducing the cost per new employee half.

Recrubo’s AI technology automates the entire application process, from initial orientation to appointment scheduling, using WhatsApp as the main communication platform. The AI is trained on job postings and company information, allowing it to understand the specific requirements of each position and guide applicants through a tailored chat process. The simplicity of the setup also enables scalability across multiple job postings.

Since its launch a year and a half ago, Recrubo has gained traction with large and well-known employers such as Sodexo, FEBO, DHL, and ZEEMAN. The company’s software has already facilitated hundreds of monthly job starters, and the ambitious goal is to achieve five million starters within the next five years.

Recrubo’s seed funding round was led Glass Frog Ventures, Pop up Qapital, and the Brabant Development Company (BOM). The investors see Recrubo as not just a recruitment co-pilot, but as a solution to address the persistent labor shortage problem faced many companies. By helping companies fill vacancies more efficiently, Recrubo enables growth and has a fundamental impact on the overall labor market.

The team behind Recrubo has been praised for their customer focus and their ability to get things done. Steven van Houwelingen from Glass Frog Ventures highlighted the value of Recrubo’s recruitment chatbot in attracting job applicants in the mobile age and helping employers stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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