No 13th Floor in Medanta Hospital: Superstition or Practicality?

No 13th Floor in Medanta Hospital: Superstition or Practicality?

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A recent image posted on Reddit has sparked a discussion about the absence of a 13th floor in Gurugram’s Medanta hospital. The image, taken inside the hospital’s elevator, shows all the floors except for the 13th floor. This has led to questions about whether it is appropriate for such a large hospital to adhere to superstitions.

The fear and superstition surrounding the number 13, often referred to as “triskaidekaphobia,” is deeply ingrained in many cultures. Architects and builders often choose to omit the number 13, either skipping straight to the 14th floor or renaming it altogether. The exact origins of this belief are unknown, but it continues to influence building customs even today.

While some Reddit users defended the absence of a 13th floor, citing reasons such as fire safety or patient preferences, others questioned whether it is necessary for a modern hospital to uphold such superstitions. One user mentioned that many buildings in the NCR region also skip the 13th floor, while another pointed out the importance of international medical tourism and the need to follow practices that work.

It is common for buildings, especially high-rises and hospitals, to avoid the number 13 due to superstitions and beliefs held some individuals. While some may argue that it is practical to omit the 13th floor, considering patient preferences or cultural sensitivities, others believe that hospitals should focus on evidence-based practices rather than superstitions.

In conclusion, the absence of a 13th floor in Medanta hospital has brought attention to the enduring influence of superstitions in architectural design. Whether it is driven practicality or patient preferences, the debate reminds us of the power that superstitions continue to hold in our society.

– Reddit: @u/manni1145