The Impact of Technology and Social Media on India’s Youth

The Impact of Technology and Social Media on India’s Youth

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The youth in India are currently experiencing a significant transition period, where they find themselves surrounded technology, social media, and numerous opportunities. This abundance of choices has led to a state of confusion, whether it be related to career decisions, relationships, or personal lives. Surabhi Das, an actress who made her debut with the show Nima Denzongpa, shares her perspective on this matter.

According to Das, social media has become an integral part of our lives, to the extent that our phones have become like organs. It is now possible to access everything with just a few clicks. She expresses concern about the younger generation who are constantly carrying smartphones and creating reels with exaggerated expressions on platforms like Instagram. This has led her to believe that there should be age restrictions on such platforms. While social media has its benefits, including opportunities for earning money and fame, it also invades our privacy and subjects us to constant judgment. This, in turn, causes stress and anxiety. Das emphasizes the need for awareness regarding the appropriate use of technology, as excessive use can have negative consequences.

One common complaint among people today is the lack of time. Stress levels have also risen significantly. Das believes that the problem lies not in the scarcity of time but in our shifting priorities. Instead of focusing on important tasks, we spend excessive time scrolling through social media. The pressure to be the best in every aspect of life, accompanied worries about the future, followers, likes, and comments online, contributes to the prevailing stress. Das advises individuals to prioritize the present and strike a balance between planning for the future and living in the moment. Competition will always exist, but self-confidence and hard work can help create a stress-free environment.

In the entertainment industry, the pressure to excel is even more noticeable, as everything is showcased on social media and screens. Das highlights how platforms like TikTok and reels have made this pressure more visible to the public. The constant need to impress and outperform others creates additional stress and expectations.

Overall, it is important for the youth of India to understand the impact of technology, social media, and the pressures of modern society. Awareness, balance, and the ability to prioritize can help mitigate the negative effects and promote a healthier and happier life.

– Surabhi Das interview, personal insights.