“Wrestlers” Docuseries Highlights the Struggles and Dreams of Ohio Valley Wrestling

“Wrestlers” Docuseries Highlights the Struggles and Dreams of Ohio Valley Wrestling

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The recent release of the docuseries “Wrestlers” on Netflix has shed light on the challenges faced a Kentucky-based wrestling company, as well as the aspirations of its up-and-coming wrestlers. The series centers around Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and its new owners who are determined to revive the company amidst a financial downturn.

OVW co-owner and Kentucky Sports Radio host, Matt Jones, expresses the team’s objective of transforming the small company into a profitable and expanding enterprise. For the wrestlers, the series provides a glimpse into their relentless pursuit of their dreams. It showcases the passion and dedication required to excel in the world of professional wrestling.

A significant conflict in the show arises between the new owners and former wrestler Al Snow, who serves as the OVW head trainer. The disagreement stems from Snow’s unwavering devotion to the art of wrestling, which he feels should not be compromised in pursuit of financial gains. This clash of ideals is a familiar theme in various domains, where the balance between artistry and profitability becomes a source of contention.

Jones mentions that, despite its wrestling-focused premise, “Wrestlers” also offers a human story that appeals to a wide audience. It depicts individuals striving to achieve their dreams, a narrative that resonates with people globally.

Interestingly, the docuseries takes a unique approach presenting the owner as the antagonist. Jones acknowledges that viewers may perceive him as the “bad guy” initially. However, he believes that as the show progresses, his perspective and intentions will become clearer, gradually provoking empathy and understanding from the audience.

With its captivating storyline and behind-the-scenes access, “Wrestlers” aims to capture viewers’ hearts and leave an unforgettable impact. Whether one is a wrestling enthusiast or not, the show promises a compelling narrative that touches on the universal pursuit of dreams and the sacrifices made to realize them.

Ohio Valley Wrestling can be watched on WKYT on Saturdays at 5 a.m. and on the CW Lexington at 11 p.m. on Thursdays.