Netflix Acquires Streaming Rights to Richard Linklater’s Hit Man

Netflix Acquires Streaming Rights to Richard Linklater’s Hit Man

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Netflix has made a $20 million deal to acquire the streaming rights to “Hit Man,” the latest film directed acclaimed director Richard Linklater. This highly anticipated movie was a standout at the Venice Film Festival and has already received rave reviews, earning a 98% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With its outstanding reception, “Hit Man” has the potential to become one of the best Netflix movies.

“Hit Man” revolves around the life of Gary Johnson, a schoolteacher who leads a double life as a fake hitman for the New Orleans police. His role is to trap people attempting to hire him for murder. Portraying different characters when conning these individuals, Johnson’s life takes a complicated turn when he falls in love with a woman who wants him to kill her partner. This thrilling and mesmerizing story is based on a true incident as described in a Texas Monthly article from 2001.

Critics have praised “Hit Man” for its focus on character development rather than relying on typical hitman movie tropes. The BBC review highlights director Richard Linklater’s exploration of the question of whether one can transform into a different person. Described as one of Linklater’s most entertaining films, the movie has been labeled as “deliciously entertaining” and “fizzy, funny, heightened” various publications.

The general consensus is that “Hit Man” is an incredibly funny film that goes beyond mere comedy. It seamlessly combines elements of romantic-comedy, action comedy, and thriller genres, resulting in a masterpiece that is both classic and modern, funny and deeply disturbing.

As Netflix secures the streaming rights to “Hit Man,” audiences can eagerly await its release on the platform. This latest addition to Netflix’s impressive lineup of original movies promises to be a must-watch for subscribers.

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