Love at First Sight: A Charming, Yet Unbelievable Romance

Love at First Sight: A Charming, Yet Unbelievable Romance

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Love at First Sight, the latest young adult romantic comedy on Netflix, is based on the book The Statistical Probability of Falling in Love. The story revolves around the idea of strangers meeting and instantly falling in love. While the movie has its charming qualities, it falls short in terms of believability.

The film follows Hadley, played Haley Lu Richardson, who misses her flight to London and ends up bonding with Oliver, played Hardy, while waiting for the next flight. They continue to connect during the six-hour plane ride and are unable to stop thinking about each other after parting ways in London.

One of the standout aspects of the movie is the chemistry between Hadley and Oliver. They have great on-screen chemistry and their banter is filled with wit and charm. This can be attributed to the excellent writing Katie Lovejoy and the talented acting Richardson and Hardy.

However, the main issue with Love at First Sight is its lack of believability. It’s difficult to fathom that two strangers would be so open with each other, skipping the usual small talk and diving into personal fears and complex family relationships. Additionally, Hadley’s decision to leave her father’s wedding to search for Oliver in an unfamiliar city seems impractical and lacking in common sense.

Moreover, the film doesn’t give enough depth to Oliver’s character. He remains guarded and doesn’t open up to Hadley beyond sharing random statistics. It’s hard to believe that Hadley could be in love with someone who hasn’t revealed much about himself.

In conclusion, Love at First Sight is a charming movie with likable characters and witty banter. However, it fails to convince viewers that the protagonists are truly in love after spending less than 24 hours together. While it may not make it onto the list of best romantic comedies, it is worth checking out for fans of the genre.

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