Netflix Unveils New Lineup of Italian Series and Films

Netflix Unveils New Lineup of Italian Series and Films

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Netflix recently announced a fresh lineup of Italian fiction series and feature films at its “See What’s Next” event in Rome. Alongside previously announced shows and returning series, the upcoming slate includes two new movies and two drama series.

One of the new movies, titled “Il treno dei bambini” (The Children’s Train), is directed Cristina Comencini and is an adaptation of Viola Ardone’s best-selling book. The story revolves around children in post-World War II Italy who were sent from the deprived south to live with families in the north. The second film, “Fabbricante di lacrime” (Maker of Tears), directed Alessandro Genovesi, is inspired Erin Doom’s novel and follows two orphans with traumatic pasts who are adopted the same family.

Among the new series is “Storia della mia famiglia” (History of My Family), directed Claudio Cupellini, who has previously worked on popular shows like “Gomorrah” and “The Land of My Sons”. The drama centers around Fausto and the events unfolding on the last day of his life.

In addition, Netflix revealed its plans to adapt Alice Urciuolo’s young adult bestseller “Adorazione” into a series, with Stefano Mordini attached as the director. The story follows a group of teenagers during a transformative summer.

Netflix previously announced the second season of “Everything Calls for Salvation” and “The Law According to Lidia Po√ęt”, as well as a series adaptation of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s historic novel “The Leopard”.

Tinny Andreatta, vice president of Italian content at Netflix, emphasized that this new lineup demonstrates the streaming platform’s continued commitment to investing in Italy and promoting Italian stories.

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